Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Me and my dream bangs

I saw this website on Facebook and I had to try it out myself. What a handy tool. I love the internet!

This is what I would look like if I graduated in 1954. I love the bangs. (I love the word bangs. Bangs bangs bangs.) I can see why the teen pregnancy rate was low during this era.

In this one I look exactly like Peggy Hill. Again, awesome bangs. A bristle brush of bangs.

This is me in 1962. In this one the bangs are long and parted. And the rest is pulled back in a beautiful ribbon. I think I look really nice in this one.

Hello MOTHER! Mom, you pulled this look off better than I do.

This is the look I dreamed of having when I was little. This is 1966. The bangs are parted on the side and tucked away, but they are definitely still there!

Now we jump to 1978. (The early 70's was all straight hair parted down the middle and no bangs. Boooooorrrrinnggg.) I had to include this one though because I look HOT!

Next come the eighties. My actual era. This is the hair I wanted. (Yes, Lisa Long, I was insanely jealous of your bangs.) This was when a girl was judged not on the content of her character, but on how high she could get her bangs.

This is what I actually looked like in the eighties. My bangs were too fine and thin to make a really good, long-lasting claw. They would shed Aquanet like a duck sheds water.

And finally, the best picture of all. The one that almost made me pee my pants when I saw my friend Jill's version of it, the picture that I will use for all my internet profiles from now on:

The Afro. Oh how I wish I could get my hair to do this now.


  1. Mitch just read this and told me, "When I read the title of this post I thought it was going to be a list of guys you like."

  2. omg...remember the bang list from h.s.??

  3. The first, fourth and last pictures are of Mom throughout the ages....the first when she was a little girl and Gram used to cut their bangs up to the hairline....the fourth when her and Dad were first married (hellooo..painted portrait!) and the last one is of her now with a few inches shaved off:-) Sorry Mom...

  4. TOO FUNNY!!!!! Love it! I totally thought of Lisa Long when I saw that one on FB!! Yeah, the 'fro is my favorite of you...closely followed by the ribbon - so sweet and innocent! Whatever....


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