Friday, September 25, 2009

My first bald spot

Last month on the girls "camping" weekend, Jonelle noticed that my eyebrows were badly in need of a plucking so she offered up her services. I thought that maybe it was just a long delayed payback for the time I plucked her eyebrows before her brother's wedding and accidentally made them really *angry* (Hey, I never said I was a cosmetologist) but she assured me she had nothing but altruistic intentions. So I laid on my back on the floor and trusted her. It was extremely painful and I can only guess bloody judging from all the times she wiped them off. After a particularly painful pluck I opened my eyes to give her a dirty look and she and Cari Ann both had this look on their faces:

No, they're not cats, but I didn't have an actual picture of them looking surprised, so I just googled "suprised face" and this came up. It was a look that said, "Oops." Jonelle had accidentally plucked a few hairs that, when removed, left a gaping bald spot. I said, "What?" and she said very non-chalantly, "Oh, nothing.... You might have to use an eyebrow pencil for a few weeks."

I was driving around this morning, five weeks after the plucking incident, and at a stoplight I happened to glance into the rear-view mirror and noticed that my eyebrow still has a distinct bald patch. I took a closer look and noticed the hair did grow back in that spot, but it's gray so you can't see it because as it turns out, my skin is also gray. (I feel so pretty!)

I used to have gorgeous, thick eyebrows:

I thought they were a pain in the ass because some stray hairs grew down to my eyelid and up into my hairline. Well, I don't have that problem any more! At the rate I'm going I'm going to be drawing them on soon. Maybe I should give up now, shave them and be done with it. This looks natural and beautiful, doesn't it?


  1. Bwahahahaha! The picture of that cat? Seriously, I kept coming back to it in my reader ALL DAY LONG and laughing. It was THAT good.

  2. Well I am not sure how manly this is going to sound but I can feel your pain. It's almost unbelievable how your facial hair can get out of control after you reach your 30's. So in my weak attemp to try and not look like my dad, I have my two oldest girls which are teenagers do some plucking. In all of my wisdom I had the idea in my head that they knew how to do this since they are still young and pretty. Well much to my dismay, they haven't picked up the finer art of plucking. Instead they figured out how to pluck my skin along with way too many hairs. It took about three weeks after the last plucking for my scars to heal. I feel for all women who spend their lives fighting the effects of aging.

  3. Spoiler alert: this is meant to be funny:

    You need to kick Jonelle's "accidental" ass.

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