Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

Today I'm going to honor the spirit of the holiday by writing an essay about what freedom means to me.  Enjoy. 

What Freedom Means To Me
by Sarah 

Freedom to me is most importantly the power of making a choice.  For example, I had a choice to make yesterday at the liquor store parking lot when a kid scared the bejesus out of me by throwing one of those little white snappy things at my feet.  I could have said, "Holy shit, you little bastard!" and then kicked him in his rednecky little shins, which was my first instinct.  But then the power of choice came over me and I decided to take the high road and simply (and kindly) scream, "WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?!" 

I didn't just give in to my first instinct because I have lived a life of freedom and I'm used to making choices every day.  Because of that simple choice I DIDN'T abuse a strange child, which some might say is a good thing because if I did, I might have had to spend a night in jail which would severely cramp my freedom on this day of independence. 

Happy 4th of July, Everybody (except the little bastard kid at the liquor store)!

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  1. And that little bastard made HIS choice, too...Ain't America great!


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