Friday, July 16, 2010

Have I lost my coolness? Did I ever have it?

I got a new swimsuit to replace my suit after all the funny I-can-see-right-through-your-suit-and-I'm-guessing-you're-of-a-swarthy-Eastern-European-decent looks I got at the beach last time I wore it.  Here it is:

I thought it was kind of cute and got it because: a) it's got a very busy fat-confusing print, and b) it was the only one Shopko had in my size.  There wasn't much to choose from because they were all picked over because apparently other people buy suits before mid-July so it was either this one or one with a skirt.  I showed Mitch and he said, "Holy mom-suit."  Do you think this looks like a mom-suit?  I have apparently lost my ability to judge the coolness of clothes because I also got some new jeans which I was feeling pretty cool in and Mitch laughed at them.  And let's face it, he's no fashion plate.

Maybe there is something to this whole "moms aren't cool" thing.  I remember when my sisters and I were kids and we'd go to my Grandma's cabin and look at my Grandma and her sister's swimsuits that were hanging in the boat house and laugh and laugh because they were so stiff it looked like someone was in them when they were hanging on their hooks.  I would kill for one of those suits now. 

I got it home and noticed this on the tag:

Yeah, that's right, Bust Minimizer.  Who needs that?  Not me.  Also, I think it's cute that they think they can control my tummy.  

Seizure time!

I'm going up to Northern MN this weekend to visit with parents and in-laws and sisters and my favorite aunt (sorry Donna, you're #2) and I thought I should forgo the peep show for the relatives at the cabin.  The kids have already been up there for a while which has left Mitch and I with a blissful few days (bow chicka wow wow) of not settling kid fights, no meal preparation and not having to worry about being caught watching Family Guy ("Hey!  Why can't we watch it?  It's a cartoon!"), but now I'm starting to miss them.  Kira wrote me a short note that said, "Hi.  I got scared by a duck.  It's a long story."  I can't wait to hear it.
See ya!

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  1. I think in a man's world, anything that isn't a string bikini is a momsuit. It probably looks much better on...right?


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