Thursday, July 15, 2010

I won an award! For this blog! No, YOU Shut up!

I got an email yesterday from someone named Emma Lee and this is what it said:

Dear Sarah,

Congratulations! Emma Lee here, and your blog, So.. what else?, has
received our 2010 Top 45 Humor Blogs award!

You can see your name amongst our winners here at:

Winners were chosen through a scoring system led by internet nominations,
which came from your reader base!

This is either the most exciting thing to happen to me in my entire blogging life, or else it is a very clever computer virus, and now because I opened an email and clicked on all the links, my computer is being used by terrorists without me even knowing it.  But who cares!  I won an award!

This came as a total surprise to me because believe it or not I didn't even nominate myself.  Whoever did put my name in, thank you very much!  I'm very flattered.  I read lots of really good blogs but I don't ever imagine that I will get any recognition or financial compensation for telling the internet about why I hate pandas or how Virgin Mary stains look like vaginas (to me), or how my b.o. smells like delicious meatballs.  The reward for writing this blog is writing this blog and anything else (readers, comments, awards, huge bundles of cash) is just gravy.



  1. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligJuly 15, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    Let me be the first to say, "Congrats!!" Every one of your loyal readers laughs to the point of peeing when we read it, so it comes as no suprise to us. NOW, will you put it in book form and find a publisher?? I like "Tales of an Unemployed Substitute Teacher" for a potnetial title. Any other suggestions, guys?

  2. surprise. DAMN, I always get that one wrong...

  3. That's great! Congrats! Your blog is pretty funny. And thanks to you, I now talk about the stupidity of pandas pretty frequently.

  4. I think pandas are worth their cuteness factor.

    But I still voted for you.

  5. You can also vote for Sarah's blog at in the Best Humor Blog category. You have to go down the list a bit (6 pages or so) but there she sits, all hilarious and vote-ogenic.
    Hey, congrats!!

  6. Vote-alicious, vote-aphilic, vote-iferous. Yes I am an English major. Why do you ask?

    I think you're a riot and have passed you along to my friends and now they check in on you too!
    You had them at the toilet blog!

  8. Oh, but the title of the blog (on the Bloggers' Choice Awards site is listed as Lind075blog. Go vote for her right now!

  9. You guys are awesome. I love you!

  10. Congrats Stupe! I really don't think you're that funny but you are my sister and you did torture me as a child....Congratulations!

  11. Dana - I love the suggestion for the book title. I don't know if I'm ambitious enough for a book, we'll see.

    Nope. I'm not.

    Beth - Watch it.

  12. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligJuly 16, 2010 at 4:26 PM

    Booger, the book is already written, see?! You just need someone in-the-know to slap covers on each end. C'mon. I need this book.


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