Friday, July 23, 2010

Leo has a nice forehead and Mitch is an old liar

Last night Mitch and I went to see the movie Inception with Leo DiCaprio.  I thought it was great!  Thrill a minute.  Fantastic romp.  I might have to see it again because I don't really get the whole shared dream concept, but I suspect there isn't much in the way of explanation that I missed.  The special effects were fantastic and I don't usually notice this, but I loved the musical score too.  There was one intense scene and the music swelled and actually made the theater vibrate.  I couldn't help but squeal and had to stop myself from clapping like a three-year-old.  I mostly liked it because of Leo DiCaprio's forehead.  If there was a contest for best forehead in the world, he would win hands down.  It's so broad and handsome.  I'd like to bite it as hard as I can right on the little wrinkles between his eyebrows.  Is that weird?  

On the way home Mitch and I got to talking about going to Canadian bars when we were 18 (it was right across the border) and where I preferred to go.  Then he asked me this:  "Did you ever go to the socials?"

Okay, something you should know about Mitch; he says he's 39, but according to his childhood experiences, he should be about 100.  Here is the evidence:
1.  He and his neighborhood friends used to play games like kick the can and stickball.
2.  When he was little he remembers shopping with his mother at the general store and the butcher shop.
3.  His mother used to buy cheese in wheels.
4.  This was his first bike:
(Just kidding)

5.  The newest evidence:  he went to socials.

He told me that the socials were held at the Fort Frances arena and beer was 25 cents.  He also told me that the man who took tickets for the socials was the father of a friend and was employed as a prospector, which immediately makes me get this picture in my mind:

 Either Mitch is a lot older than he told me he is, or he's a fantastic liar.  If anyone reading this remembers socials at the Fort Frances Arena, or who can verify that Shannon McSomething's dad was a prospector, please comment below, or email me.  Mitch and I have a bet riding on this.  He says he can prove it was true but I need independent verification.  

EXTRA EXTRA! Mitch's first job.


  1. Cheese in a wheel... Yep, he is old!

  2. omg, Leo = hotness!

    I don't recall the socials, but I'll ask my sister; she's really old.

    (don't tell her I said that. she's also freakishly strong.)

  3. Sarah, I am a lot younger than Mitch and I remember socials. My dad's from FF and we would go to a lot of his relatives socials. I'm not sure why we didn't have them over on our side because I remember a lot of money being made from them!!!!

  4. I desperately need to meet someone who has bought a wheel of cheese. It's so cartoony and unfathomable.

  5. Okay, I've heard from three people now that the socials were real. I also got confirmation about the prospector. He prospected for gold, diamonds and precious metals and was pretty successful. He did not have a mule, but he had a dog named Jazzy and a van and Jazzy would sit in the front seat of the van and lots of people thought he was a woman.

  6. oh,you are the funniest person I know today...

    this was wonderful...

  7. Sarah. Cant you just let Mitch have some glory once in a while. Yes socials in FF were real. Yes Don MacEachern was a prospector and would have some scotch and work the door at socials. Also the prospecting paid off for him. Check the price of gold. He did have a Shepard mix named Jazzy which looked a litle bit like a dower faced woman when sitting in the front seat of his bush van.



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