Saturday, July 10, 2010

This, that, and the other

  Kira and Kolten

I brought Kira and Kolten, her neighbor friend, with me to Wal-mart yesterday.  When kids are in the backseat of the car and I'm in the front it's like they forget I'm there or they think I can't hear them because normally Kolten is silent around grown-ups.  Ten year-olds talk in a series of rapid non-sequiturs.  Here's an example of their conversation:

Kira - Maybe I'll get some new flip-flops.
Kolten - My foot is the exact same size as our digital TV remote.
Kira - I'm going to buy a fish today.
Kolten - I'm going to buy a pufferfish.
Kira - My cousin is saving her money to buy a pygmy elephant.
Kolten - What's a pygmy?
Kira - I don't know but I think it's something small.
Kolten - Camaros are my favorite kind of car.
Kira - Do you like wiener-dogs? 
Kolten - How many fish do you think I should get?
Kira - How much money do you have?
Kolten - I don't think my mom would like if I got fish.
Kira - When we get in there let's run wild.
Kolten - Have you ever had pigs in a blanket?

And on and on.  I pretended I didn't hear a word they were saying and when we got to Wal-mart I told them, "Okay, here's the rules: No fish and no running wild."  They both looked at me like I was some sort of wizard, and Kira said, "How ...?"

Kids aren't very smart.

Today we got up early and drove to Floodwood because they were having a chicken swap.  They didn't have much there.  A few little goats, a bunch of different kinds of birds, free kittens, some rabbits and some puppies.  Not the best swap I've ever been to.  Of course Kira and I wanted to get a new puppy, but Mitch said no, which I see the wisdom in now that I'm home and don't have my judgment clouded by milk-breath and loose puppy skin.  Do I really want to spend the rest of my summer cleaning up someone else's crap?  No.  I guess I don't.  But man, were they ever cute.  They looked a lot like this but they were just a little cuter:

They were also celebrating Catfish Days in Floodwood, but it's not much of a celebration.  There was a street blocked off and a bunch of food wagons and that's about it.  They didn't even have any catfish, which was weird, but they did have mini-donuts and that made the trip worth it.

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