Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach Day

Like I said before, it is blazing hot today so we went to a beach on Lake Superior.  We met my MIL and nieces and the kids and I swam for hours.  The water wasn't as warm as it was on Sunday, but it still felt so good to get in. There was a lady there that had the biggest, tannest boobs I've ever seen in my life.  Cantaloupes the color of walnuts stuffed into a bikini that was WAY too small.  She was about ten years older than me, which means she could be a member of AARP, so you know, too old to be wearing a teeny weeny bikini.  (They make mom-suits for a reason, lady.)  She had a kid there that spotted a cormorant out in the water fishing.  The kid said, "Mom look!  It's a Loch Ness Monster!"  She looked and said, "Oh my god, I can't believe you think that is a sea monster.  Anyone can tell it's a loon."
What a boob!  (get it?)

Anyway, here's some pictures from today. 

The kids all brought goggles so they could search for treasure.

Kira came up sputtering with excitement once and screamed, "I found a jewel!"  
She found an amethyst in the water under a rock.  Pretty good find!


It was so hot that even Sam got in the water!

The boy formerly known as "Dry Boy"
Cousins hopping on rocks
Lake Superior


  1. No pics of the boob? lol great photos!

  2. That would have felt so good today! How old are Kira and Sam?

  3. Missy - Couldn't catch the boob lady without being obvious or else I would have taken a pic.

    Anne - It did feel good! Sam is 13 and Kira is 10.

  4. Is that really an amethyst? Congrats eagle-eye Kira!

  5. It really is an honest-to-god amethyst! Can you believe it? We were all so excited for her. She found treasure!

  6. I would love to fill their pussies up with massive wads of cum!!!!!!


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