Friday, August 13, 2010

Chipmunk Fun

Today the kids were 1) outside, 2) not crying about being bored, and 3) quiet.  I suspected something was up so I went out to check.  Kira and Kolten, the neighbor kid, are trying to catch chipmunks.  They each have a bucket and they are standing quietly over a pile of seeds, waiting.

Every once in a while I'll hear the buckets slam down and then one of them will say, "DARNIT!" because the chipmunks can see that bucket coming from a mile away.  I wonder what they will do if they catch one?  Probably get bitten hard enough to bleed and then we'll have to try to capture the offending chipmunk to be tested for rabies, and if we can't catch the chipmunk the child who was bitten will be in for a series of rabies shots.  But it's worth it if it keeps them outside, busy and quiet, isn't it?  How many more days of summer vacation are there?

 The chipmunk says, "There's 29 days until school starts.  Actually, 29.5." 


  1. Ha kid goes back to school on Monday!!! I couldn't be happier! When are you going to start the countdown?

  2. 18 days for us! Come on September!!

  3. I don't want school to start because it means I go back too. : (

    Catching chipmunks - that's so cute! I'm glad nobody got rabies or squished by a dropping bucket.


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