Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey! This is my 502nd post!

I meant to write something special for the 500th post but I forgot and lost track.  I really love blogging because it makes me very cool.  (It's the Dungeons and Dragons of the 21st century!)  Here's the highlights of the first 502 posts worth of blogging:

1.  27 people have decided to "follow" my blog.  That shocks and flatters me.  Thank you, you 27 people who have each given me a little ego boost.  (Actually, it's only 26 because I follow my own blog.) (Lame)

2.  I can tell from my statcounter that I have readers from all over the world.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!  I can't.  Every time I look at my stats and see that people from Jersey City and El Cajon and Weisbaden, Germany have looked at my blog, I get a little thrill.

 from my Statcounter map

Most of the people come here because for some reason the picture of a random bird that I used for one post has somehow gotten linked to my blog and now every time someone looks for a picture of a quaker parrot on google images, they get directed to my blog. Oh well.  I'll take what I can get.

3.  I have made some great new friends.  One of my first blogger friends was Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka.  She's great.  Also Wendi Aarons who is a big deal in the blogging world, has read my blog and both of them have actually commented!  No, you shut up!  They did! (Those two are like D and D wizards) Also I've re-connected with some real-world friends who I've lost touch with over the years.  (Hi Anne, Kady, Jill, Carrie!)

4.  I've discovered some excellent blogs by other women that I am now addicted to reading every day.

5.  I won an award out of the blue.

6.  I've finally started writing down stories that when I tell people they say, "You should write that down."  Done and done.  And they are organized, and easy to find!  Now I can easily find that funny picture of Sam doing the limbo, or Kira's art projects, and I can brag about my husband.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog.  I really appreciate you coming here to read the latest silliness I've written about and I love your comments!

Happy 502nd Post!


  1. 502? That's an impressive number. Congratulations.

    PS. Is blogging really the D&D of the 21st century? If so, I guess I have to face up to my own nerdiness.

  2. Congrats to you! Blogging is awesome!

  3. Congratulations! I think you're great & I'm not just saying that because I still think we're somehow related.

    (And I appreciate you acknowledging my huge, huge importance. It's hard to be so fabulous.)

  4. Yay Sarah! Love your blog and love being in touch with you on a daily basis in a weird computer blog sort of way!! love ya! Jill

  5. Congrats, and what an awesome idea. I loved you from the start, when we met at Mad Bathroom's.

    Love your style, your posts, your humor. And, yup, Wendi and Aunt Becky are Wizards and their secret weapon is lovin' the little people.

    They're both great.
    You're one of my faves.


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