Monday, August 9, 2010

Close Quarters

Sam and Kira and I came up to Rainy Lake to spend some time together at the cabin.  We've been together almost every minute (especially Kira and I.  Sam goes for long boat rides by himself.  I don't know why.)  Kira LOVES to fish.  She spends hours on the dock casting like this:

or simply gazing into the water looking for fish, like this:

She has caught a few small northern pike.  If you don't know about Northern Minnesota fish, northerns are slimy.  Kira is enthralled with their slime and said she would really like to scrape it off of all the fish she catches and save it in a jar. I think it's one of the stranger requests I've ever had to refuse.

Sam spends most of his time in the boat.  I think it is either because it is the only vehicle he is allowed to drive, or because Kira and I drive him nuts.  Probably both.

He went exploring to Big American island today.  Voyageur's National Park has a pamphlet with a scavenger hunt on it.  You can look for all kinds of neat things from the old gold mining days.  He didn't find any gold.  (I don't think.)

Tonight the three of us went out for burgers and while we were waiting for our food, out of the blue Kira said to us, "I'd like to make a doll and I'd use my real hair and eyelashes and my old baby teeth."  Can you imagine a more horrifying doll?  If it was up to her, her room would be filled with jars of fish slime and dolls made of real human parts and I don't even want to know what else.

While we were at dinner we saw a man with super-human calves.  They were unbelievable.  Here's a picture:

He was just a normal looking man, but then you look down and see those enormous calves.  I noticed because Kira was looking at him like this:

and was about to say something loud and inappropriate, which would make Sam make this face because everything we do is embarrassing.

Thankfully she kept her mouth shut.  

We had a nice dinner and when we got to the car we saw this sitting on the dash:

It's a chunk of Play-Doh Kira molded into a gun shape.  When we got in the car she said, "Hey Sam, hand me my piece."


  1. Hey, you never know when you're going to have to shoot your way out of an ugly fishing related beef. At least you're ready.

  2. Bet that guy's got serious cankles.

  3. Dana McKibbage WaldbilligAugust 23, 2010 at 9:56 AM



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