Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Alright, alright.  Yesterday I wrote a post that seems to have upset some people (Dad) because of the lies and omissions.  In my defense, I categorized it under "lies."  I have gone through it line by line and written in red if what I said is a lie or the truth.  And the story about Dick Cheney was gross.  I admit it.  But if you're going to make up lies about someone like Dick Cheney they better be doozies.

And oh yeah, Bronko Nagurski is from the Falls.  And so is the stunt double for Tom Selleck in Magnum.  And some hockey players.  And Jesus. (false)


  1. I know the Magnum double! He used to come in the 19th hole when I worked there. He is really old looking but I can see that there was a resemblance back in the day.


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