Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Celebrity

Last weekend we asked the kids if they wanted to go out for dinner.  And they both said, "YEAH!" and Sam said, "Let's go somewhere nice this time.  Like Bridgeman's."  The fact that they think Bridgeman's is fine dining is a little worrisome, but hey, they are cheap dates. (The fact that they are such cheap dates really is worrisome.)

While we there a local celebrity came in with his wife. (Celebrities, they're just like us...) It was Dennis Anderson, a long time news anchor, now retired.

We recognized him, of course, everyone here does, but big deal.  He was a news anchor/mortician.  The most interesting little factoid I know about him is that he wore an obvious toupee when on the air, but didn't wear it when he was being a funeral director.  I don't even know if that is true, I just heard it somewhere.  He was wearing the toupee to Bridgeman's, of course, because of the fine dining.

Sam said hello to him and seemed a little giddy which I thought was cute and weird.  Then I looked across the table at Kira.  Her eyes were like saucers and her mouth was hanging open.  She was absolutely in awe of sharing the same space with Denny Anderson.  DENNY ANDERSON!  She was speechless.  She loves him because he looks like Teddy Roosevelt.  Unfortunately her speechlessness didn't last and she started talking non-stop about him.  He was sitting in the booth right behind us and I'm sure he could hear her.  We had to leave because she was whipping herself up into a celebrity frenzy.  She wanted to ask for his autograph.  We wouldn't let her.  I wonder what she would have done with Denny's autograph?


  1. Ok...know what is so damned funny about this? One, I can just PICTURE Kira whipping herself into a goo goo frenzy and just not being able to stop talking. Two, when Erin Horner, Mary Auran and I went to Spring Break to Fort Meyers, FL in 1990, we, too, met a celebrity in the airport....Marsh Nelson! You remember him? He was the sports anchor for years on our local station and I was just like Kira...all excited and I DID get his autograph and the girls looked at me like I had grown another head...you can tell Kira and Sam this because they are not the ONLY ones who get all giddy when they see celebrities. No matter how old or retired or LOCAL they are!

    1. Stupid autocorrect! I meant, of course, STACIE! But how nice is it that your autocorrect name is Stacked?

  2. I would have pretended to bump into him and then used that to strike up a conversation. I did that with LeeLee Sobieski once.

    I did not know the funeral director thing. How strange.

  3. If I ever have kids, I hope they are equally as weird as your kids are.

  4. Kady and I saw Dennis through a window of a restaurant in Duluth once. We kept peeping in and freaking out. Kady was of driving age. I think about it now and I still am like, "I saw Dennis Anderson!" Nerds

  5. That reaction is fantastic. I had a similar reaction when I met some celebs last weekend. I composed myself, but I was giddy to start.

  6. OMG I saw Fabio in LA a hundred years ago. I acted like such an ass, I kept screaming FABIO....his bodyguards asked me to get off the sidewalk and move away.........

  7. Kady, what did you talk to LeeLee about? How much she looks like Helen Hunt?

    Tiffany, I hope you have weird kids too. They are fun.

    Kasey, I had no idea that Dennis Anderson made kids go so nuts. I wonder what it is about him?

    Joshua, we all want to know who you met.

    Jane: I'm laughing but at the same time I'm a little embarrassed for you. You lost your cool.

  8. I love that Kira recognized him and was in awe of a news anchorman! Most kids that age would only have that reaction to someone like Justin Bieber!

  9. That is such fun! I kind of wish she asked for his autograph. :)

    (visiting from the A to Z Challenge)

  10. i'm like that when i see people i admire. i get all spazmatic and nervous.


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