Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for a non-Kangaroo and some other animals that didn't jump through a hoop

Conversation I had with a second grader last week:

Kid:  Did you see the animal show yesterday?

Me:  No, did you have an animal show at school?

Kid: Yes!  The guy had a big turtle and he tried to make it jump through a hoop!

Me:  Oh really?  Did he do it?

Kid:  No.

Me:  Were there any other animals?

Kid:  Yeah, the guy had a giant bunny that hopped on its back legs.

Me:  Are you sure it wasn't a kangaroo?

Kid:  Yeah, I'm sure.  It was way smaller than a kangaroo.  The guy tried to make him jump through the hoop too.

Me:  Did he do it?

Kid:  No.

Me:  Oh.

Kid: He had a big snake too.

Me:  Did the snake jump through the hoop?

Kid:  No.

giant bunny


  1. When my daughter was very little she said she saw a "tiny bunny" in the was a mouse.

    I would've rather had the giant bunny myself.

    1. Kira found a baby bunny once and it was so small I thought it was a big mouse. It was SO CUTE.

  2. That's an adorable giant bunny.

  3. only people are dumb enough to jump through hoops.

  4. Super cool animal show! I bet you were bummed that you missed it.


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