Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eloquence

My niece Sid is such a brat but she is so funny.  Lately she has been copying how people talk.  She told my mom one day, "My dad said to me: 'You're annoying,'" and when she said "you're annoying" she said it in a really deep, dumb sounding voice.

Her baby sister recently had a birthday and I asked Sid if the cake was good.  She said to me, "I wanted to touch the frosting but then Mom said, 'DON'TYOUDARETOUCHTHATCAKE!'" and she yelled out the quote in a screamy, devil voice.  Oh, how I laughed.

Recently she was laughing about something so my sister asked her what was so funny.  She said, "Grandma always says to me, 'You're squishing my boob!'  That's funny."  That IS funny.  Why do you let her squish your boobs so much, Mom?

When she isn't doing unflattering impressions of her family members she just copies what you say right after you say it.  I forgot how annoying that is.  Her dad is right.  


  1. I'm wondering how much longer I have before The Girl starts repeating everything I say? Funny thing from last night, I stubbed my toes in her room last night, and I didn't say anything, and The Boy (2) does a sharp intake of breath and says "Dammit." Oops.

  2. I would love to hear your two year old swear in sympathy with your toe-stubbing.

  3. The Wife wasn't there to hear it, so there will be no audio or video evidence. I'm sure it'll happen again sooner or later.

  4. I don't let her "squish" my boob ........... when she hops up on my lap she ALWAYS hits me in the boob with her elbow. Hurts like crazy. Now I just put my hands up when she is headed my way and push her off.

    1. LOL! Nice Grandma! Next she'll say, "Grandma always pushes me off her lap."


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