Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Searches

Occasionally I look at what people google to get to my blog.  There's been a few good ones recently:
 does raccoons hibernate,become dormant,lose its leaves ,migrate??
Everyone knows raccoons become dormant but don't lose their leaves.  How could they survive the inactivity of dormancy with no leaves?  What an idiot.
 antibiotics from frog skin knife
What?  Who skins frogs?  Their skin is the most delicious part.  I was unaware that their skin contained antibiotics.  And I didn't know there was a specific knife for skinning frogs.  Just a minute,  I'll google it:

Never mind.  Google just led me to my own blog.
  de vaginas horribles
French perv.

caveman penis
Cavewoman perv.
 dr. quinn medicine woman unrealistic surgeries
To the person who googled this:  You better hope you never meet my sister or me in a dark alley.  "Unrealistic" my ass.
 effexor poop out
 I've never written anything about how effexor affects poop because I am WAY too classy to talk about pooping on my blog, however, since this person is obviously taking effexor, they are "pooping out" waste the size, shape, consistency and color of cannonballs.  Sorry effexor-taker.
No shit Sherlock.
  cuter than crayfish crappin
Have another look, there is nothing cute about that.
 stephen colbert's penis 
Stephen Colbert perv.
  azia hairy
This was on my list a few times.  What the hell, Azia?  Why do people want to know if you are hairy?


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