Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Kira got a New fish (N is for the "New" of "New fish")

Kira has 103 dollars in cash, about 80 dollars on her Amazon account and 35 dollars on her iTunes account.  How does a twelve year old have so much money?  I'll tell you how.  She never buys anything EVER.  She occasionally pays Sam a couple of bucks to do one of her chores, but other than that, she doesn't part with any of it.  Until today.  After a lot of thought, she decided to get another pet fish.  She has had a beta fish for almost a year now and she takes care of it pretty well.  He always has food, his tank is clean, and she's even trained him to follow her finger when she runs it along the tank.  Seriously, he does it every time.  So we went to Petco.  Kira is so weird.  On the way we were talking about all our pets.  Here's a snippet of a conversation between Sam and her on the way to the store:

Kira:  I think we should get the bird a vest.
Sam:  She would HATE that!
Kira:  I know.

Anyway, we got to the store and she painstakingly pored over every single beta they have.  It took her about an hour to decide and she finally picked one.  Finally.  After that we decided to go to McDonalds for a quick lunch.  She didn't want to leave the fish alone in the car so she brought him in.  I asked her what she wanted for lunch and, while looking at her new pet she said, "I'll have a fish fillet."  Creepy.

On the way home from our errands she asked to stop at the grocery store so she could get some pure water for the fish tank.  She got a gallon.  When we were back in the car Sam asked her, "What tank are you going to put them in?" and without skipping a beat or cracking a smile she said, "I'm just going to put them both in this jug."  That made Sam and I laugh and she said, "What?  You don't like fish jugs?" which made Sam laugh even harder,  picturing a fish with boobs, but Kira didn't get it.

This might be the strangest picture I've ever seen.
Come to think of it, I don't know if Sam got it either, but he was laughing pretty hard.  Kira cleaned out her beta tank, put in the room divider and put in both fish, one per compartment.

That's her old fish, Knuckles, on the left.  The new fish, temporarily named Fish is on the right.  


  1. I had a rumble fish who lived a very long time, moved to 3 apartments with me. i loved that little guy.

    1. I had some huge goldfish through college. When I was moving after college, in the winter, I was packing up and I wanted to go out so I asked my dad to take care of the fish. He thought I meant "take care" of the fish, mobster style, and when I came home they were in a baggie, frozen on my doorstep.

  2. This Kira sounds a lot like me with her money. And it's a GREAT quality to have. More money, less debt. Don't let her lose that.

    1. I don't know how she got like this. I'm glad she has that gift, and I'm sure she will keep it. My parenting style is sort of "Do the opposite of what I'm doing and you'll be fine," and she totally gets it.

  3. Hi, your betta are beautiful, as they all are. As I was looking up room dividers, the picture of your betta came up, so that's how I got to your blog. I am compelled tp note that the tank is terribly small, and not the proper way to maintain the betta. If you go to other sites about betta, there is so much to learn! Good luck to you and your betta!


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