Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Po'Daddy! It's Bloggin' Wednesday! :

Today's Bloggin' Feature is brought to us by Sandy at Northwoods Woman.  Thank you Sandy!  Check out her blog.  It's not too late to send me your answers to the Bloggin' questions.  Email me! 

1.  Does your blog fit into a "niche" and how do you choose what to write about?  Have you ever pulled a post after you published it because you regretted it or got some horrible feedback?
The long and the short of it is no, I don't think I have a niche.  I simply write about me, my life and I throw in a few "Oh, I love this product" posts.  But mostly it's a mismash of stuff with a little humor thrown in, because sometimes you just have to laugh at what life hands you. Yes, there was one post that I pulled because I got a nastygram from my Sister about it.  It was a good post, but she's stuck in the Stone Age of paranoia about someone possibly stalking her or stealing her identity with facial recognition or some other crap.  I pulled it and now we talk even less than we did before.  Gotta love family!

2.  Do you read a lot of other blogs?  How many? Have you had contact with the bloggers, or are you a lurker?
I have about a dozen that I read every day, and some that I keep tucked away to look at on occasion.  A couple of them know who I am, but mainly I'm a lurker because I don't want to be commenter 9,572 that the blogger isn't going to care about.  

3.  Do you comment on a lot of other blogs?
I'm not a huge "Look at me" type of person, so I don't comment on every post that someone has written.  If there's something that I really like, I'll say something, otherwise I'm mostly a quite fan.

4.  How important is it for you to get comments on a scale of 1-10?
I love comments (who doesn't!) but I'm not writing stuff just so I can get people to say "You're awesome".  But I think that people mostly leave one when I've touched on something that they can connect to.  So I guess the answer is 7.5.

5.  Do you respond to your commentors?
I'll respond 99 percent of the time, because it lets them know that I care about what they say.

6.  How many followers do you have?  How did you get them? 
I used to have about a dozen followers before Google Friend Connect banished anyone that didn't have a Blogger account and wanted me to use Google+.  I've since put up another similar widget (Linky) but no one's used it.  *sigh*

7.  How do you promote your blog?
I have a few forums that I regularly contribute to, as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Other than that, my family is my biggest promoter.  Love, love LOVE them!

8.  Do you write for any other sites?
I've never had the pleasure of someone asking me to write for their site.  I think I'd probably faint if someone did.

9.  What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?
I love having a place to write what I want when I want.  It's the best form of freedom of speech there is (as long as the government doesn't get their grips on it... grrr!) and I can just be ME.

10. What advice would you give to potential bloggers?  What do you HATE when you see on a blog?  What do you like to see on a blog?
The best advice I can give is to just be yourself.  If you try to be someone you're not, then you are going to have a hard time connecting to people.  The only thing that really bothers me about some blogs is that their either too bright or too dark.  I like something easy on my eyes. The blogs that I tend to read the most aren't cluttered with a ton of advertising and buttons.  Keep it clean and simple and I'll keep coming back.


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