Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boring weekend (but productive!)

I spent almost the whole weekend cleaning my house. It was disgusting. It's perfect right now, and Kira is out and will be gone for about another hour and then the dream is over so I have to enjoy it now. I shouldn't say it's perfect, Sam has been in his room cutting styrofoam and building things out of it all day so there are little static-charged bits of white stuff carried out of his room every time he walks out of it. We got him a hot-wire styrofoam cutter (that's his medium of choice) for Christmas and all he wanted for his birthday was styrofoam so that's what he got. Twenty five bucks worth (that's a LOT.) Happy Birthday. His current project involves taking apart some of his old R/C toys and making new, home-made R/C toys. He's learning a lot about electronics. Right now he's working on a snow plow.

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