Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm an old wife

I figured out where old wives tales come from. They come from mothers lying to their children to get them to do what the mothers want. Over the excruciatingly long vacation from school, I convinced Sam to shave off his creepy little mustache. He was really proud of it, but it was pervy looking. He looked dirty. So I nagged and nagged about it and then when I told him it would come in fuller, he finally gave in. Now I think he's expecting to look like Magnum P.I. by Valentine's Day. I wonder what kind of memory he's going to have of the whole experience too, because he was too chicken to shave it himself, so I had to sort of put him in a head lock and make faces at him to show him how to move his mouth so I could shave it. He looks SO much better now.

I turned into a total slug over the break. I got an incredibly bad cold so I sat on the couch, watched TV, played computer games and bossed my kids around. Good times. Now I have to get back into real life: working, exercising, answering the phone, getting dressed, showering... etc.


  1. lol-all of it, the pervy part, the Tom Selleck bit...

  2. I think Sam has Kira's ghost mustache from a couple posts ago.


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