Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kira's New Move

Kira has a new hockey move that she tried out last week. She gets the puck in a breakaway, and when she gets close to the goalie she yells, "Watch this!" and throws a glove, and when the goalie looks at the glove, she scores. It works but she's been discouraged from doing it. I suppose it's like a "cry wolf" type deal and she should hone her actual hockey skills instead of her I-can-outsmart-an-8-year-old skills.

There was a hockey tournament last weekend. We traveled to Aurora/Hoyt Lakes and watched a LOT of hockey. After the exciting first 10 minutes of the first of many MANY games, I went to the local Ben Franklin and got some yarn and a crochet hook and crocheted four hats.


  1. Does the goalie KEEP falling for it? BTW: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat. It is so cute! I need to have the pattern, because I am new to this whole world.

  2. The goalie fell for it both times she did it and then Mitch told her to stop it and play normal.


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