Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mama, I'm a Comin' Home

A few weeks ago I wrote about Kira's amazing song-writing ability. We found her long song, "Mama, I'm a Comin' Home" and she wants it published, so here it is: (it's a ballad, sung mournfully)

Oh one night I left my Mama
I went into the woods
Whenever I saw my Mama in the clouds
I thought sooner or later I'll find my way back
Usually I was out hunting
I usually wouldn't get a full meal
Every night when I'd look up at the starlight
I could hear some wolves in the distance

After a month or two I found a stream
And decided to camp there
And that same night that I saw that stream
I saw some lights in the distance
It was probably a mile or two
I set out the next morning
And I found out what it was
And it was a bear trap and a hunter
So I crept back to the stream
And never went back there again

The next day I started to go hunting as usual
And that day it was a very good day for hunting
And that same day I fount my Mama
And told her I'm never running away again!

That's it! She is practicing it now and when she gets good at singing it she wants to put it on YouTube.

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