Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potty Mouth

Kira's been having a lot of fun with me lately by making me think she is blatantly swearing. She says things like, "Hell.....'s Kitchen was a fun restaurant to go to." Or "Shiht...zus are cute dogs." Or "Dam... is what a beaver builds." I'm waiting for her to combine them all into one sentence. She's not there yet. Today she said to Mitch, "Dad, did you know that bird skin is see-through?" He asked her how she knew that and she said she looked at our cockatiel's stomach. He said, "How did you do that?" and she said, "um..... she let me."


  1. We used to make graham cracker topping (peanut butter and powdered sugar and milk) and we would call it "Graham Crapper Talking" on purpose and then hurry up and cover our mouths like it was an accident...
    I think this was me and Kasey at age 4 or so when we still thought Crap was a swear.

  2. Take her to the Dam Supper Club, I think its near Orr.


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