Friday, January 30, 2009

Me and Amy

A while back Amy and I were sitting around her apartment with a digital camera and we decided that there aren't too many good pictures of either of us, and we need a few, so we decided to take pictures until we got good ones. Here is the pictorial journal of that adventure.

Here's the picture that started the whole thing. I took this of Amy and we looked at it, laughed and then decided that despite being unbelievably un-photogenic (or uglier than we think we are) we were going to get some good pictures of us.

This is the first attempt at a good picture. I look a little chunky (I was a little chunky). It's an okay pic, but not exactly a glamour shot.

Here's the second attempt. What is my eye doing? I'll tell you, I was stretching my chunky face back to give myself a poor-man's face lift and I made my eye go wonky. Again, no glamour shot.

Okay, this one I was really going for the glamour shot. You can tell by the sexy arm position, the tousled I-just-had-sex hair, and the attempt at a seductive smile. It looks like I have Bell's Palsy.

Amy suggested I go lower and look up at the camera in order to downplay my chubby chin. My arm looks like a ham.

Amy said, "That looks good, go lower, the lower you go the better you look."

So I went lower...

and lower....

Until we finally got it perfect! We were on to something. Amy's turn!

I told her to look like a sexy librarian. She doesn't.

So we tried a different tack. Totally hot and sexy, leave nothing to the imagination. This is Amy's best slut look. That's mom having a little nap in the background, (Hi Mom!) I suppose if you are trying to take a sexy pic, it helps not to have your mom in it - Photography 101.

Next we tried the "the less you see, the better we look" method. I like the fingers clutching the pillow. She looks like a peeping tom. Back to me...

Amy said, "Let's try for an up close candid!" Here's me being candid. I was trying to look like I was having fun, laughing with friends, happy-go-lucky. No, I was not drunk. Or tired.

We looked at the last one and Amy said, "Oh... let's try again, we can do better. Cheekbones, give me cheekbones!" I gave her nostrils. Modeling is hard!

Amy told me to pull my neck flesh back and try to make my lips look like they've had collagen. This is that attempt. It's ridiculous isn't it? Now that you know what I felt like I looked like, and this is what actually came out. I look like I've been caught practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation.

So we gave up on the glamour and tried to take a good one of the two of us.


  1. You have brought out my whistle laugh. When I am laughing really hard and trying not to cackle (the kids are in bed) I totally whistle like a kettle. I was going to comment-whose the unlucky person having to fall asleep while all of this is going on? But you answered it. The lower lower sent me over the edge.

  2. I was in Kasey's living room wondering what the heck she was laughing at and she said, (through cackles) "lower and lower on the couch. aAHAHHHAHAHAHAH!!@!!AAAHHA!"

    And I didn't figure out what she meant until I got home just now.



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