Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sing it!

Kira made up a song on the way home from school today. It is sung to the tune of Deck the Halls:

Sa a a a a a am is u u u u u u u u gly... That's about it. She said she likes it because it's a good tune and it's true. (it's not true)

She wrote a long song a while back called Mama, I'm A Comin' Home and it was fantastic. It was a ballad about how she ran away and had to live in the woods and hunt for food, and one day she saw a bear etc. etc. (there was an exceptional amount of hunting) We wrote it down, but we can't find it anywhere! How frustrating! I asked her if I could post it and her answer was, "of course!" She wants to make a video of us singing it and put it on Youtube.

She used to sing made up songs in the car all the time. Our favorites were Dirt Bag and And the Ball Got Lost. Dirt Bag was a naughty little tune about things getting flushed down the toilet that would send Sam into hysterics, and And the Ball Got Lost was a very sad ballad about a boy who lost his ball under the Christmas tree. She sang it in a very quavery voice and Mitch and I had to try excrutiatingly hard not to let her hear us laughing or else she would stop singing. I will keep looking for Mama, I'm A Comin' Home and if I find it I will post it.


  1. I would pay good money to hear The Ball Got Lost.


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