Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kira in the car (part II)

Tonite with Mitch, Kira asked, "If you could have any super powers which would you choose: Flying, turning invisible, super strength, the ability to turn into goo, or the ability to turn into a hamster?" Mitch said he would like super strength and to be able to fly. Kira thought about it and then said she would like the ability to turn into a hamster. Mitch asked why and she said, "You know, to defuse bombs and stuff." (duh) He asked how a hamster would go about defusing a bomb and she said, "I'd chew the wires... (pause) ... I'd probably get electrocuted a lot." Then she said the worst power would be to turn into goo. She said, "What if you wanted to hide from someone so you turned into goo, and then they stepped on you and slipped and their butt hit you in the face." Indeed.

1 comment:

  1. hysterical.
    their butt hits you in the face, of course. if you're goo, it's all face.


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