Sunday, August 30, 2009

Enger Park

Kira said, "It looks like a good day for a picnic!" and she was right, so I made them do chores, (using the picnic as leverage) and then we went to Subway and got food and then went to Enger Park.

It was a beautiful day! We walked around the gardens and looked at the beautiful flowers and weird people, and then we headed to the tower.

We like this tower because it looks like a dungeon. I don't know why, since a tower is really the opposite of a dungeon, but it does. Maybe it's the bars on the windows. There are bars on the windows of the lowest levels, but no bars on the windows at the higher levels. Why would that be? Weird.

We climbed the tower and looked at the view for a while.

Then I came down because it was cold up there. This pic is of the kids way at the top. You can't really tell it's them and if I knew the picture would have been this unclear, I would have just taken a picture of the kid who was posing for me during the ten minutes I was waiting for Sam and Kira to LOOK DOWN AT ME and said it was them.

Then we went to see the big Japanese bell that was given to Duluth from our sister city in Japan. I wonder what we gave them?

Sam tried to get Kira to stick her head in the bell while he rang it. She didn't do it. There may be hope for her yet!

Then we walked back through the gardens. It was so nice! Doesn't he look happy?

Kira posed like this and insisted I take a picture.

This was what they call a "teachable moment" for Sam. In nature, it's never a good idea to stick your face into a dark hole. This was seconds before a raccoon mauled him. Just kidding. Nothing happened. Teachable moment wasted.

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  1. Kira always has the best ideas! Looks like fun....I was wondering though, no Dairy Queen??


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