Thursday, September 9, 2010

The dog and the first day of school

Yesterday Kira told me, "Maisy has a little cut on her leg."  I didn't think much of it because she's a dog and she's always running around chasing rabbits and chipmunks.  So she got a little cut.  So what.  Then later that evening I let her in the house and looked at her leg and I almost puked.  It wasn't a little cut, it was a gaping gash.  It didn't seem to bother Maisy at all until I said, "OH SWEET JESUS!"  Then she started limping.  I debated taking her to the emergency vet, but it wasn't bleeding, so I wrapped it up in gauze and decided to wait.  I brought her in today and the doc said that it wasn't as bad as it looked because it just tore through the hide, not to the bone like I thought.  GROSS!  She got patched up and now she's just fine and she looks so cute with her little red bandage.

Here she is scratching...

Here she is walking...

Here she is showing off her bandage...

I'm supposed to give her about a thousand antibiotics over the next few days and it's not going to be easy.  I shoved one in a piece of cheese today and she ate the cheese and spit out the pill.  DAMN YOU, BORDER COLLIES WITH YOUR GIANT BRAINS!

Kira FINALLY started school today so now school has officially started, thank the sweet lord.  We still have to do a little more school shopping for her because on our last trip she narrowed what she is willing to wear down to velour track suits.  She's decided she's done with jeans and every other type of pant unless it is velvety soft and stretchy with an elastic waist.  I did manage to find a pair of jeans that she will wear, but you know where I found them?  In her closet.  Some kid must have left them here years ago and I've been keeping them thinking someday Kira would be able to wear them.  This is the year!  I made her try them on and to test them out.  She put them on and did one of the deepest deep-knee bends I've ever seen and then said, "Okay.  These will do."  Apparently she does a lot of knee bends at school and needs the flexibility.  Now I have to try to figure out where to get more mystery-closet-jeans.  

You'll be happy to know my cold is getting better.  Now the most annoying thing about it is that I'm coughing up stuff that tastes exactly like chicken flavored Rice-a-Roni.  Not altogether unpleasant, but a little disturbing. 


  1. I'm with Kira on the stretchy pants and elestic waists. Such a smart girl!

  2. I had a momentary swooping "I think I'm going to throw up" feeling when I read the second to the last sentence.
    The expression on Kira's face tells a story.

  3. Poor dog!
    Those stretchy pants helped me gain 20 pounds. You cannot tell when you are full!
    You need to take some of the dogs antibiotics...

  4. Jeggings. She is clearly a candidate for jeggings.

    Glad the pupster is OK. That's quite a flashy, red bandage!

  5. That third picture of Maisy is pathetic...I think she's faking.

  6. That third picture of Maisy is pathetic...I think she's faking.


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