Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm on LOL today!

Good morning!  I'm featured over at Laugh Out Loud today.  (It's a re-run, but you like re-runs.)    It's the story of my old boyfriend, Jake.  After I wrote that in June he somehow saw it because he googled his own name and then he friended me on Facebook and told me he thought it was funny.  Then a few days later he dumped me on Facebook.  When will I learn? 

No bears last night (that I heard) so I'm well-rested and fresh as a daisy for my second to last day of being in my thirties.  I told my aunt that I was feeling bad about turning 40 and needing bifocals and you know what that sweet, supportive woman said?  "BFD."  Truer letters have never been spoken.  (She's way older.)

Have a great day everyone!  And go over to the LOL page today and check me and all the other funny ladies out.


  1. Hey Sarah! I saw that... too funny! Happy Birthday!

  2. Dumped on FB? Another item proving FaceBook is of the Devil! LOL

  3. Great boyfriend story (well sad and shit, like I feel now ... sigh ...)

    And I also noticed a picture of NKOTB on your blog, so I'm your newest follower :)


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