Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Robert Loggia won't be my Facebook Friend

The other day Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka wrote a post about how much she thinks John Mayer is a dillweed, how she saw him on a talk show and he had the gall to be funny which really pissed her off.  I don't happen to believe that he is funny, I think Aunt Becky must be mistaken.  He's a douche.  Anyhoo, after her first post about him which was chocked full (or chock full?) of his name, she discovered that when you google John C. Mayer, her blog is number three on the list, which if you know anything about the Google, that's pretty impressive because they give you about 7 million pages to choose from and if you can get to be number three, hey!  That's something!  Apparently people PAY CASH MONEY to be featured high on the Google search list, and she did it just by being obnoxious, which proves that obnoxiousness is not such a bad thing.  So she threw out a challenge to her readers to see if we can pick a target and get in the top of the Google searches for them.  I am taking her up on that challenge because I was going to write a post about this topic anyway. Please forgive the annoying lack of pronouns.  I'm trying to get something accomplished here!

I love Robert Loggia (born Salvatore Loggia in 1930).  I loved moviestar Robert Loggia when he was Grandpa Victor on Malcolm in the Middle, I loved acclaimed actor Robert Loggia when he was the grandfather on Over the Top.  He plays a good mean grandfather.  When I read the Harry Potter books I had him in my head as Voldemort, and then when I saw the first movie, I thought they really did base the head version of Voldemort on Robert Loggia and I was so excited, but sadly, I was wrong.

 You can see how I could be mistaken, right?

Robert Loggia will always be Voldemort to me.  No offense, Ralph Fiennes, you're pretty good, but Robert Loggia would have been bad ass.

When I watch a show and I see that magnificent thespian, Robert Loggia, is a guest star, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because you know what?  He can handle it.  He sweats competence.  I've seen Robert Loggia on Frasier, Suspense, Magnum P.I., Rockford Files, Quincy, Big, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, and Little House on the Prairie.  The only thing that would make actor Robert Loggia's career just a little better would be if he would have been on an episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

But here's my problem with Robert Loggia.  I friended Robert Loggia on Facebook a loooooong time ago and he has been ignoring me.  I saw that Robert Loggia had a page, and was so excited because I'm really a big fan, alright?  I'd just like to feel a virtual personal connection with Robert Loggia and make all my other Facebook friends jealous that I am FRIENDS with Robert Loggia, but he won't respond to my friend request.  You know, come to think of it, I don't think that is really his page.  I think someone in Japan made it because his name is spelled wrong (Robert Loggia would never spell his name Robert Logia. That would be stupid) and all of his 146 friends are Japanese.  Robert Loggia would have WAY more than 146 friends, am I right?!  But even if that is true, I would like him to really make a page of his own, that isn't a lame-o fan page and make me his FRIEND.  I want to be Robert Loggia's Facebook friend.  Is that too much to ask?  Huh?

So my question to Robert Loggia is, what gives?  Why can't we be Facebook friends?  Maybe if I can be one of the top searches on Google when a person types in something like,say, for instance, "Robert Loggia is a Facebook Snob" he will finally notice me.  Let's see if this works.  This blog has to be good for something, and if it can't make Robert Loggia my friend, then what the hell is it all for?  HUH?  WHAT THE HELL?


Okay, it's been ten minutes and here's what's happening on Google.  I typed in "Robert Loggia is a Facebook snob" and TA DA!  First entry!

But then I simplified and typed in "Robert Loggia, Facebook" and this is what I got:

Second.  Not bad.  But when I type in "Robert Loggia" just by itself.  I'm nowhere to be seen.  I clicked through to page 13 and didn't see my blog and then I gave up.  Sad.  You know what might help?  If you work in the words "Robert Loggia" in the comments somehow.  That might give me a little more bang for my buck.


It is now about four hours after I originally posted this and I'm still no where near the first page if you type in "Robert Loggia," but if you misspell his name and type in "Robert Logia" like the stupid Japanese person who made the fake Facebook page, I'm NUMBER 2!  

Update #3 One day after the original post:

This is what happens when you type in "Robert Loggia snob"

Hello! Here's another one:


  1. Robert Loggia likes to strangle young asian boys in the shower at the YMCA, because thats how Robert Loggia Does. And Robert Loggia

  2. Yeah, but type in Carlton County Chicken Swap and see what happens.

  3. Wait, that last comment was from me, Other Sarah.

  4. Oh Anonymous 1, your Robert Loggia comment was SO FUNNY (MITCH). Robert Loggia does not like to strangle young Asian boys at the YMCA or anywhere else! Robert Loggia is a classy guy.

    Yeah, Sarah, I just checked the Carlton County Chicken Swap and I'm still #1! In fact, I'm #1 if you just type in "chicken swap". Is this fame I'm feeling? I think it is. I will be as famous as Robert Loggia.

  5. I love Robert Loggia. Robert Loggia is awesome. The best episode of Family Guy is the one with Robert Loggia in it. I don't know if Robert Loggia did Robert Loggia's voice or if Seth MacFarland did Robert Loggia's voice but either way it made the episode awesome because I love Robert Loggia and Robert Loggia was in it, I think as himself, Robert Loggia.

    I think that'll do. Maybe one more? I don't know about that. Maybe I should see what Robert Loggia thinks.

  6. Dear Robert Loggia,

    Sarah Lindahl cannot be ignored.


    Theresa Milstein

    P.S. John Mayer is a tool.

  7. Robert Loggia would be a fool to not have you, Sarah Lindahl, as his friend. And, since we all know Robert Loggia is full of the awesomeness, Robert Loggia will obviously become your friend.

    Check out my prankster fun and learn all about my affair with John S. Barrowman.

  8. I'm beyond upset at the gall of Robert Loggia for dissing you and not being your Facebook Friend. Robert Loggia should be ASHAMED OF HIMSELF!

  9. You John C. Mayered Robert Logga?! Cool Beans! Mommy Wants Vodka Aunt Becky is awesome! She taught us all how to John C. Mayer the world! I pulled a John C Mayer on Adam M. Lambert.

  10. I love it that you pulled a John C. Mayer on Robert Loggia! Robert Loggia doesn't know what he is missing by not being your FB friend. Maybe Robert Loggia will come to his senses. :O)

  11. That Robert Loggia. He doesn't know what he's missing by not being facebook friends with you! Dang him anyway!

    But you got to number one! Awesome sauce!

  12. good job on john c. mayering robert loggia. i'm glad to see someone appreciates the great man that is robert loggia. i doubt he's actually a snob. i would guess that robert loggia would spell his name right on his facebook, though - leading me to believe that the other robert logia may be a fraud.

    check out my attempt to john c. mayer william m. joel:


  13. Now I'm all sad inside that Robert Loggia wasn't on Dr. Quinn.

    I was hardcore obsessed with that show.

    Oh, and Robert Loggia.

  14. Robert Loggia should totally want to be your Facebook friend. It's irrelevant whether it's the real Robert Loggia or a fake anime Japanese version. The real Robert Loggia should be looking for you just to be begging for your Facebook friendship.

  15. Robert Loggia *does* look like Voldemort. How did I not notice before?

  16. I had to comment that I concur about Robert Loggia is a facebook snob, but he stays busy, that magnificent thespian, Robert Loggia.

    Apparently though, the world seems to give not a shit about Gerard J. Butler

    'cause the Google is showing no love, and my BF thinks I am crazy.

    I was hoping he wouldn't find out.

    Have I told you what a Facebook snob Robert Loggia is? Robert Loggia is a facebook snob, fully and completely!

  17. I was first introduced to Robert Loggia in "Armed and Dangerous" with Meg Ryan. Glad you John C. Mayer'd Robert Loggia. Robert Loggia, you need to accept the facebook friend request you snob.

    Paul W. Walker IV has also been John C. Mayer'd

  18. I was first introduced to Robert Loggia in "Armed and Dangerous" with Meg Ryan. Glad you John C. Mayer'd Robert Loggia. Robert Loggia, you need to accept the facebook friend request you snob.

    Paul W. Walker IV has also been John C. Mayer'd

  19. Danke sehr an den Webmaster.

    Gruss Daniela

  20. My spouse and I were sent here since this particular internet page has been tweeted by a man I was following and feel pleased I made it here.

  21. Congratulations! You still are high up there is the google searches after all these years. I am looking for an official Robert Loggia fan page and I can't seem to find it, except for one I found on facebook. I just met Mr. Loggia on the set of "Too Late", and he is even more amazing in person. Funny, smart, and talented--he still has it all. He is as likely to serenade you with opera as he is a Shakespearean Sonnet. He is very generous with his fellow actors and was more than willing to share a story or a piece of advice. This man is indeed a treasure.


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