Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This and that and Happy September!

Today is Sam's first day of school!  He's in eighth grade now.  (Sam, whatever mean things I've ever said about eighth graders does not apply to you, honey.)  He told me when we were school shopping the other day that this year he doesn't want me to be such a "helicopter mom."  What?!!  If I was any more hands off in my parenting I'd be charged with neglect!  I'll show him a helicopter mom!  Guess who is emailing all of Sam's teachers today and telling them to call me if they ever need a sub?  ME, that's who.

  (eight fingers, eighth grade.  Get it?)

Kira is out of town with the grandparents.  She should be back today.  Mitch's parents went to the cabin for their anniversary and Mitch sent Kira along with them.  FUN!  ROMANTIC!  She starts school on Thursday.

I would be ecstatic about the beginning of the school year except that I'm dying of a cold.  I don't know if you know this about me, but I get colds worse than anyone else, ever in the history of the world.  Just ask Mitch, he'll tell you.  Last night I couldn't function without a kleenex stuffed in my nose to stanch the unrelenting flow of snot.  When I'm sick Mitch finds me utterly unbearable, yet oddly attractive.  But mostly unbearable.  He thinks the attraction comes from my weakened state.  He especially likes laryngitis.  Pervert.

My grandma is doing much better. Her breathing isn't as labored as it was a few days ago. She's still here in Duluth, but hopefully this week she will be able to be moved back to her town so she can be with her sisters and brother and all the rels up there.  Keep your fingers crossed for her!

Happy September everybody!  Hey!  It's my birth month.  I'll be forty this year.  FORTY.  I was reminded of this because I got a pamphlet in the mail the other day about scheduling my first mammogram!  See, there are still some firsts in life!  I wonder if I am supposed to take a picture of myself on the day of my first mammogram like I had pictures taken on my first day of school, smiling in my one-piece pant-suit, with my BJ and the Bear lunch box.  No?  People don't do that?  Oh, okay.  (But I might.)


  1. I hope you get better. Yesterday, I saw these pictures on FB, and I felt for you. Poor you!

    I wonder how he'd feel if you subbed? My son was happy with it in fifth-grade. Now he's in sixth, and I think I could still get away with it.

    Happy birthday. And happy mammogram?

  2. Ha! Not sure what to comment on first. I'm with you on the mammo thing...and the 40 thing, unfortunately! Ethan had his first day of school today, I had my "yearly exam" AND scheduled my first mammogram. October 5. You need to hurry up and schedule yours 'cuz your 40 first and you should go first, RIGHT? 10 more years and you get another first....don't worry the firsts don't stop for awhile, just the pictures.

  3. What's the first in ten years? Is it the dreaded colonoscopy? Yikes. I'm definitely taking pictures of that. I have to go to the dentist again in ten years too. It's going to be a milestone year.

  4. It's so not fair...your in-laws are awesome.

  5. The nice thing about a mammogram is that they take the picture for you! Granted, it's pretty in-depth and you have to hold your pose for a while, but totally worth it.

    My daughter started 8th grade and didn't want me to take her to the bus stop or meet her there anymore. Shit. I am a helicopter mom.


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