Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New glasses and flattened boobs

The forty-year body overhaul is almost complete.  Today I got a mammogram (squashy!) and my new glasses came in.  (see above)  I went a little bolder than I normally do because of the whole uncanny-resemblance-to-a-transvestite-Sarah-Palin business.  I'd rather look like Morty Seinfeld than Sarah Palin, which I do now.  Whew! 



  1. I like the glasses a lot. No tranny Palin here.

  2. The new specs are very nice! Now everyone will know that you are smart.

  3. Love the specs! I ordered new frames for my glasses and got a new haircut in August 2008, right before Sarah Palin was announced as the Republican VP candidate. It sucked. Yes, I realize I look like Sarah Palin.


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