Saturday, September 25, 2010


Mitch and I went to a wedding tonight.  I decided to get all dressed up.  I actually took more than ten minutes to get dressed. I dusted off the old make-up case, and I wore clothes that need to be ironed, and do you know what happened?  I looked exactly like a transvestite dressed as Sarah Palin.  And what's worse, I felt like a transvestite dressed as Sarah Palin.  What the fuck is happening to me?


  1. Girl, I am sure that you looked great. Did you do some fancy pagent walkin?

    I feel your pain on this one. I often find myself wondering who the tranny is looking back from the mirror when I wear a bold shade of lipstick.

  2. I'm more surprised by the fact that you went to a wedding rather than the fact that you looked like a transvestite. WHOSE wedding and HOW did you get Mitch to go?? :)


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