Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Grabber

Kira talked Mitch into buying her a grabber:

Like this

He said he wasn't going to get it for her but she was having so much fun with it in the store, how could he deny her the four dollars of sweet sweet grabber money?

One of the first things she did was say, "If I didn't have arms, and I was Sam's boss I'd say, 'You are THIS close to being fired!'" and then she made the grabber fingers go about an inch apart and shoved them in Sam's face. 

Now she is cleaning up the basement because she makes SUCH A MESS.  Mitch just went to check on her to make sure she's really doing it because she tends to try to weasel out of chores, and he said she has a big leather glove on one hand, with our bird (a cockatiel, leather glove not necessary) on it, and she was picking up solely with the grabber.  It's going to take a long time.


  1. Oh! I want a grabber now! Two, even!

  2. Where did you find a grabber for only $4?? Please don't say Walmart.

  3. That is so cute...I can picture my kids also cleaning up one piece at a time with that...LOLOLOL..!


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