Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun times at the hospice

My sister Amy and I spent the day with our Grandma at the hospital on the hospice floor.  Guess what's depressing?  The hospice wing!  So to keep ourselves from committing suicide and to stretch our legs, we went up to the birthing center to look at the babies.  We saw one really cute little baby who was born yesterday.  Boy was he easy to fool. (ba dum PISH!)  We were going to take a picture of him but you know what's creepy?  Strangers taking a picture of your newborn baby.  So we didn't.  We did take a picture of these weird doors that were in the maternity ward: 

We decided two things when we saw these doors.  1)They must be for the babies, and 2) I should never wear that sweater halfway zipped up again.  


  1. I think that's where they keep the Hobbits.

    Your mom is funny.

  2. I'm liking the sweater halfway zipped!!

  3. Thanks, Chiefbigpaws, but I think you are too dazzled by my striking beauty to appreciate the ugliness of the halfway zipped up sweater. ;)


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