Sunday, September 26, 2010


You remember that post I wrote about how a bear is terrorizing me?  My dad read that and told me that I was over-reacting and I probably have raccoons.  I didn't think raccoons could break a tree branch to get at a bird feeder, but he had me doubting the identity of my terrorist.  Well, last night I got PROOF!  It isn't A bear, it is TWO bears!!! 

I heard something bang against the grill on the deck  in the middle of the night, so I jumped up and turned on the deck lights to see what was out there.  Nothing.  Then I heard something on the front deck so I opened the front door and goddammit, it was TWO BEARS!  A big one and a little one!  I almost pooped my jammies!  Luckily I had taken the top to bottom screen out of that door yesterday and put the glass in or else all that would have been separating me from TWO BEARS would have been a thin screen.  Unfortunately all that was separating me from two bears was a nice piece of thick glass that I purposely don't secure very well in the door because it's kind of hard to do, and it's kind of hard to get out again in the spring, so I just do it "good enough."  One decent pawing would have sent the glass crashing in on me. 

They didn't seem to see me through the glass because of the light glaring on them and they were too busy demolishing my last and favorite bird feeder.  I ran around like a fool for a few minutes not sure what to do, and then I found my camera.  Here's my picture:

I know, it's an awful picture because I was totally freaking out and the door was all steamed up by the time I got myself together enough to find the camera.  I tried to take another one after I wiped off the door, but the stupid batteries ran out and I was too scared to keep the door open any longer.  I let my brave, wonderful dog out for about a minute and she chased them off.



  1. Oh, my God! That is so scary! You're like Laura Ingalls Wilder up there.

  2. I am pretty sure that I am going out via a bear attack...

  3. Ida pooped my jammies for sure!! YIKES!

  4. Gurl......I'm in Colorado, next time their comin in!
    You are so dying by bear!
    You better move or lose your brains!

  5. Jane, thank you for your kind words of support. When the bears kill me and eat my brains you can be all "I KNEW SHE WOULD GO LIKE THAT! I TOLD EVERYONE!" You're probably right, unfortunately. I find myself tempted to set food out just so I can see one again and maybe pet it.

  6. Oh yay that's a good idea......where's Mitch......can he hear you?


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