Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not about the Hospice

Hey, guess what?  This post is NOT about the hospice!  My grandma was moved back to her hometown where she wants to be so that is a good thing.  But what should I write about now if I'm not going to write about the hospice or beloved dying relatives?  I don't really have any rotten tooth issues to speak of, and I know that is also a blog favorite.  I went out last night with some friends and my friend was telling these other friends that I have a blog and it is HILARIOUS and they said, "Oh really?  What do you write about?" and we were all, "Oh you know, my kids, how much I hate dentists, the hospice,"  and they were just looking at me like, "Yeah..... sounds hilarious.  Other people's kids and unpleasant experiences.  Give me the link right now!"  No, they were nicer than that but I could tell that's what they were thinking.  Maybe I'll change the name of the blog to "Other People's Kids and Unpleasant Experiences"  Nah, I like the subtle vagueness of So...What Else.  Leaves me open to write about things other than my kids and rotten teeth and the hospice, not that I'd ever want to. 

So, really now, what else?  Well, I still have this horrible cold that doesn't seem to be going away which makes me think OHMYGODIT'SCAAAANNNNCCCCEEEERRRR! because I think everything is cancer and have ever since I was a little kid.  Except for a little while in college when I thought I had AIDS because having AIDS was all the rage so I was sure I had it.  I don't, by the way, I know this because I had to have an AIDS test after the dentist bled in my mouth.  So I am AIDS free (unless the dentist has AIDS), but probably chock full of cancer.  Is it "chock full" or "chocked full"?  I don't know. My friend Kady wrote a post today called Clamato Jugs and Other Valuables and Mitch got really excited because he thought it said, "Clamato, Jugs and Other Valuables" so he was looking forward to seeing a little boob, but instead all he saw was Kady's dad's garage junk.  At least that's what he told me when I caught him looking at JUGS the website this morning.  (just kidding, he wasn't really.  Well, he might have been but I didn't catch him.) See, the little nuances are important. 

Okay, I am going to stop now because obviously I don't have anything interesting to write about.  I might be back tomorrow with an actual topic because I will be working my glamorous and illustrious career of substitute teaching.  Jealous? 


  1. Boy is he going to be disappointed when I post "Coffee Cans and other Things We Saved."

  2. ...or Water Melons and other Things in the Fridge

  3. ...or Big Huge Bazongas and other Names I Call My Zits

  4. ...or Golden Globes and Other Shows I Like to Watch

  5. Oh Kady, you are going to work Mitch up into a frenzy and then I'm going to have to flash him! STop it!


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