Friday, March 16, 2012

Blog Business

Hey guys, I've got some bloggy business to discuss with you.  I made a fan page on Facebook for this blog.  I debated if I wanted to do it or not because I've got enough irons in the fire online right now, but it was pretty easy.  You can visit it here.   If you haven't noticed (Mitch) I added a little fun feature to the sidebar.  I'm going to have a survey of "would you rather" questions every few days.  Just so you know, "neither" is not an option.  So far people are unanimous about wanting to poop their pants over watching a video of their own conception.  Interesting.

I started another blog called That's Not The Way We Usually Do It! all about my adventures in substitute teaching.  I'm thinking about writing a book about subbing so this is helping me get organized.  I've just been moving subbing posts from here to there lately so there isn't really anything brand new on there yet.   Check it out.

Keep your Bloggin' answers coming!  I have enough now to run the feature for a couple of months.  If you know of some bloggers who might have some interesting answers, send them a link and tell them to play along.

That's about all for now.  Now it's your job to decide your answer for the survey question:  A load in your drawers, or being a part of the most intimate and beautiful moment in your parent's lives....


  1. So far, the majority is with me... We'd totally rather poop our pants! Also- I made a Facebook page for azia said what? WE ARE BOTH SO COOL AND TECH SAVY OMG

  2. Yeah, we are cool and tech savvy. BTW, my fan page likes your fan page.

  3. Yeah, we are cool and tech savvy. BTW, my fan page likes your fan page.

  4. Pooping my pants would require much less therapy.

    And to join in the party, my page likes your page too :-)

  5. Definitely poop my pants...It happens at least once a year anyway.

  6. I just liked the shit out of your Facebook page.


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