Friday, March 23, 2012

Would you rather...

Hi everybody!  It is time for a new Would You Rather question!  I seem to be having trouble finding a hard question for you.  I want some collective indecision!  That being said, I can't BELIEVE you guys - who would prefer to poop your drawers than watch a sex video (of your parents) - would almost all rather do naked yoga with the Gold Guys than eat a bug.  I was sure you'd pick eating a bee.  You're so unpredictable!  It's fascinating!  I love this!

When I make up the questions I don't really ask myself what I would rather do until I see what you guys vote for.  When I really think hard about it I would probably rather do the naked yoga because I love seeing people naked, and my curiosity might outweigh my utter mortification of being naked, in compromising positions, in front of others.

Oo, maybe not.

Also, I think I'd have trouble eating a bee because I have enough trouble swallowing my big vitamin D pills and they don't even have a stinger or a will to live.  My vitamin D pills almost never try to crawl back up my throat.  I think when it comes to eating bees, chewing would be unavoidable and that totally grosses me out.  So I guess I'd rather do the naked yoga too.

This time I'm going to tell you what my vote is before you guys vote.  I don't want to skew the results, but hey, this isn't a scientific poll.  The question is:

Would You Rather...

Explain to your mom what a rusty trombone is,

Oh, sorry Mom, not that kind...


Regurgitate a whole unbroken egg in front of your boss

Mouth-eggs anyone?
I guess I would rather tell my mom what a rusty trombone is.  But to tell the truth, I wouldn't really mind doing either one, but I bet the egg would hurt coming up and I like to avoid any kind of discomfort at all times.  I actually think I might enjoy the look on my mom's face if I told her what it was.  

(not my mom)
Yeah, I might enjoy telling my mom what a rusty trombone is.  I'm going to see her this weekend.  Get ready Mom.  

(Side note)  I told Mitch the new question and his eyes widened and he said, "Regurgitating a whole egg would be AWESOME!  It's not a question of 'would you rather..' as much as 'wouldn't you love to..!'"


  1. I absolutely just had to research what a 'rusty trombone' was in the first place because I didn't know myself. Now I can't unknow.

    Anyway, I am torn because if I could regurgitate properly then it would just be kind of awesome. If I didn't know how to do it there would be a chance I would be sick which would be pretty unpleasant. Ohhh, argggh...I vote rusty trombone. No, egg. Yes. Definitely egg.

  2. I already did the first one to both of my parents. Right before I showed them this video some friends of mine made: Dad's Garage TV: Rusty Trombone. I suppose I should also give the NSFW warning, but given the subject matter...

  3. Can I make trombone sounds when I do this? Seems easier than the egg thing....of course I had to look up what it WAS before answering...thank God for Wikipedia...

  4. Abigail, "Now I can't unknow" is absolutely the best line I've heard in a long time! LOL!

    Josh, yeah, maybe I should have picked telling your Grandma or something because telling your parents sounds kind of fun.

    Stacie, by all means, the more sound effects the better.

  5. I too had to look it up......never in my life had I heard of this....... position??

    And by the way WTF!!!???

    I did enjoy the video!

    And I would rather explain that to my Mom just to hear her say "whaaaat", and then "oh Jane".

    And now off to my gross friend Jen to see if she's ever heard of a rusty trombone.

  6. Pic blog :

  7. I once toured a whore house with my mother, so screw the eggs...


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