Saturday, March 10, 2012

Movie Review: Sharktopus

You know how I love animal hybrids?  I saw this movie and HAD to get it. It finally came on my Netflix and the kids and I watched it.

Eric Roberts plays a military scientist who, along with his sexy sexy scientist daughter, creates a half shark half octopus hybrid for the navy.  He is a killing machine and they only have control of him with a shark-helmet that sends signals to his brain.

Sharks HATE helmets.
On Sharktopus's maiden voyage into open seas he proves he works by saving a woman from a shark attack because the doctor told him to do it through his helmet. I'm still not clear on how the scientist knew a woman was about to be attacked by a shark.  I probably just don't understand the science behind it.

Almost immediately after he proves his worth, Sharktopus pulls off the annoying helmet.  It's easy.  He has arms.  He then goes on a killing spree along the Mexican coast.  He really likes resorts.

rar rar rar

The daughter/scientist takes off after him with a rag tag team of shark/octopus hunters.  She tracks him on his smorgasbord, just missing him every time.  She is going to kill him with some special kind of sciency dart.  BUT, she only has two of these special darts so she has to make them count.  She doesn't understand why Sharktopus is so homicidal.  That's not the Sharktopus she designed.  It's like she doesn't even know him anymore!  But then her father admits that he might have tweaked Sharktopus's brain just a tad to make him more aggressive.  Shit.

Just as they are getting closer to finding and killing Sharktopus, Eric Roberts insists that he must be captured and not hurt in any way because he is still valuable to the Navy.  This is a heartbreaking revelation to the daughter and she insists that Sharktopus is put down. He was a crime against nature.  They went too far.  The dispute is about to come to fisticuffs with the toughs for each side, but unfortunately they had this conversation right next to the water and Sharktopus made a very unwelcome appearance.

Try to unsee that, kids!

Science Dad got killed and in his final moment he admitted to Science Daughter that there is a kill switch that she can access somehow, but he dies before he can tell her the details.

I'm not going to tell you anymore because I bet now you are all dying to see it so I don't want to ruin the ending.  But I will tell you this:  Sharktopus can roar, walk on dry land, and ink.  He's super scary.


  1. Ha! What a prepsosterous idea for a movie! No one would ever believe Eric Roberts could be a scientist. :p

  2. Trucking Tumbleweed. That was such a good one I am jealous that I didn't come up with it myself!


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