Monday, March 19, 2012


Kira made herself a pair of cutoff jean shorts today.  Now she's obsessed with them.  She only stopped talking about them long enough to annoy me.

She has been especially obnoxious today because she was away for the weekend and she apparently has an annoyance quota to meet.  Her brand of obnoxiousness includes sitting as close to me as humanly possible without actually being on top of me, and whispering, "Mom, guess what?  Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.... guess what?  Mom, MOM, guess what?" and when I relent and wearily say, "....what" she puts her hand up to her mouth conspiratorially and says, "...Home show," in the thickest Minnesota accent you can imagine.  

Then she waits five minutes and does it again, but this time says, "...Boat show."  And then again and says, "...Dog show."  And so on and so on.  I couldn't make her stop.  I finally had to make her go to bed.  She got up to leave, and as she passed the bird's cage she said, "Hey Dad, you should make the bird some shorts," and then she went upstairs without another word.  

Mitch and I stared at each other and simultaneously burst out laughing/crying, and I don't know if we were laughing at the image of our bird wearing little denim cutoffs, or because we were worn so raw by her particular brand of torture.  It's like she is putting us through intense training for her upcoming teen years.  

I Googled "Bird wearing shorts," and I got a bunch of pictures like this:

Which made me say, "huh? I don't get it," and then I realized that this is LARRY Bird and he is wearing shorts.  Oh Google, you make me laugh.  I couldn't find any pictures of birds wearing shorts so I had to make one:


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  2. The detail on the bird's shorts is something else! I am rather impressed. I would always like to say that jean shorts are technically referred to as jorts.

  3. So I'm not the only one who gets sat on? I literally get sat on every day by 2/4 of my children who feel the need to do this. And elbow me. Glad I'm not alone on that!! And the larry bird shorts-awesome!

  4. My girls would say "Mom, mom, mom, MOM! and when I finally turned to them with the death stare and said "What?", they'd go, "ummm, I forgot." The grandkids have picked up this particularly annoying habit, but their answer is "I Love You." I like that answer better.

  5. Kira sounds like you have your work cut out for you for the next few years! lol


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