Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bloggin': A Lady Reveals Nothing

It's Bloggin' Wednesday again!  This week we hear from Kady from A Lady Reveals Nothing which is one of my top three favorite blogs.  She's hilarious.  Check her out!  Thanks Kady!  

1.  Does your blog fit into a "niche" and how do you choose what to write about?  Have you ever pulled a post after you published it because you regretted it or got some horrible feedback?  I don't think I really have a "niche".  Obviously my focus is travel, embarrassing stories, humiliating my dad, quoting Summer, etc...but nothing is really off limits.  Except seriousness.  I try to avoid seriousness.  I have pulled posts, because they were dumb.  When I first started my blog, it was just for family members only and there were a couple dumb posts that I took off, I don't do it very often and I don't ever get bad feedback.  Fortunately.  (That's not to say I get good feedback either.)

2.  Do you read a lot of other blogs?  How many? Have you had contact with the bloggers, or are you a lurker?  I do read a lot of blogs.  I love reading blogs.  How many?  No idea.  I subscribe to like a hundred but very few of them update often.  Sometimes I lurk and sometimes I contact.  I love my blog friends.

3.  Do you comment on a lot of other blogs?  I try to, but sometimes I can't think of anything especially witty.  I ALWAYS read, but I don't always comment.

4.  How important is it for you to get comments on a scale of 1-10?  10.  I love comments!  I wish I could turn off that dumb word verification thing.  I think it turns some commentors off.

5.  Do you respond to your commentors? Yes.  It's polite.  And my commenters are so funny.  Have you read my comments?  They're sometimes better than the blog post.

6.  How many followers do you have?  How did you get them?  69...I don't know how.  I got a bunch from you, and some are friends and some are random.

7.  How do you promote your blog?  I am trying to branch out now finally.  When I travel, I make cool business cards with my contact information including my blog address and hand them out to people I meet (not in a weird way.  More like, "here's my email...")

8.  Do you write for any other sites?  Only once, but I would love to do more of it.  I have a few blogs in my profile, but A Lady Reveals Nothing is the only one I really update.

9.  What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?  I love that people read it.  I have actually met random strangers who tell me they love my blog.  When I go to my hometown, I always meet a few people that tell me they are rabid fans and it makes me feel good that people keep up with my writing.  I hate uploading photos.  I hate trying to make them the same width as my blog column...but it makes my blog look nice and profesh so I do it.  Sometimes I have writer's block and feel pressure to post something even though I got nothin'.  That makes me feel anxious, but nobody really cares but me probably.  I just committed to a daily post and I try really hard to follow through.

10. What advice would you give to potential bloggers?  What do you HATE when you see on a blog?  What do you like to see on a blog?  I like comedy.  I like travel advice.  I like cute girls blogging about fashion.  I don't really read anybody who put stuff up that I hate.  Advice?  Post often, be interesting, be funny.


  1. great interview! I'll go check out her blog!

  2. Business cards are a great idea. People sometimes ask me for my email address and pluvial124 is really hard to write with handwriting, so that would be cool. Also I am impressed that you work so hard on making your pics the same size as your column. I never thought of doing that. Your blog does look very profesh. I love your header.

  3. Thanks - I'm a little obsessed with it now -- I got that tip from Sarah at and I must say it makes a ton of sense. It's a hassle, especially trying to edit 1200 old posts. Full justify looks better too I think.

  4. Oh, and with the business cards, people love it when you hand it to them with it held between your pointer and middle fingers. And then wink and click your tongue.

  5. I will try your method of handing out business cards, but I don't have the ambition to go back and make my blog look professional. Will you do it for me?

  6. Thanks for the introduction. Also - thanks for the new readers you sent my way. You're an internet angel. xoxo


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