Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bloggin': Simone from Simone Says

This week's Bloggin' answers are from the lovely Simone from Simone Says.  Check out her blog!  Thank you Simone!

1.  Does your blog fit into a "niche" and how do you choose what to write about?  Have you ever pulled a post after you published it because you regretted it or got some horrible feedback?
- Not really - unless you count people who like dark, sarcastic humor with a touch of lightness
- Oh, I just know. Usually something stupid that I do, or someone else, or just a ridiculous observation.
- Yes. Only because it was full of self pity and totally lame (the mean commenter was correct about that)

2.  Do you read a lot of other blogs?  How many? Have you had contact with the bloggers, or are you a lurker?
- Yes. About 10. I keep in communication with my fellow bloggers. 

3.  Do you comment on a lot of other blogs?
- Yes. I comment on posts that resonate with me, or make me laugh.

4.  How important is it for you to get comments on a scale of 1-10?
- TEN. Not gonna lie - comments make my day. 

5.  Do you respond to your commentors?
- Sometimes, but rarely. I look at it like it's their forum and I try to keep my big mouth shut so they can express their thoughts.

6.  How many followers do you have?  How did you get them?  
- 103 that I know of, probably a little more. Begging, borrowing, stealing. Usually when I leave comments on blogs, those people click on my blog and if they like my stuff, they follow me. Also, I promote the shit out of my blog on Facebook and Twitter and emails to friends and family.

7.  How do you promote your blog?
See above.

8.  Do you write for any other sites?
- Yes. I have a beauty column on

9.  What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?
- Favorite: I can say whatever the fuck I want
- Least: Promoting it and building a platform is a pain in the ass. 

10. What advice would you give to potential bloggers?  What do you HATE when you see on a blog?  What do you like to see on a blog?
- Write. Write. Write.
- Nothing has really bugged me thus far
- I like to see links to Twitter or Facebook so I can pick which way I want to follow a blogger


  1. She really does. She knows her shit.

  2. Simone's blog kicks does Sarah' the reading list!

  3. Yay, Simone's here! Now it's time to get the party started!!

    And by "party", I mean watch an episode of Ghost Adventures while quietly eating a box of Oreos in a poorly lit room.


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