Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today I looked at Sam and decided for him that it was time for a haircut. He wants to grow it out so it looks cool, but his hair is as thick as a chinchilla's hair is, so it mostly just turns into a greasy bush. So I took him out to Cost Cutters. They were closed on Sunday. So then we drove to Great Clips. They were packed. We would have had to wait over an hour. No thanks! So I told him I would cut it. I did cut it, and I think I did a pretty good job.

It looks better than it did before so then I was feeling cocky and decided, because Beth's new bangs look so cute, that I would cut bangs for myself. I haven't had bangs for years and as I was holding the hair up and the scissors were moving, I thought NO! DON'T MAKE THAT CUT! THAT'S THE WRONG PLACE! IT'S GOING TO LOOK CHOPPY AND BUTCH!" Too late, I couldn't stop my fingers in time. Now I look like Leather Tuscadero.

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  1. leather tuscadero? that is so funny!! i totally forgot about her!


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