Friday, February 27, 2009

Cabin fever sets in

I couldn't find the toothpicks so I asked the kids if they knew where they were. They were in Sam's room. He and Kira had used them to make a project with some packing peanuts they found.

They must be getting desperate for things to do because these peanut-packing men are intricately done, especially for a Kira-project. Sam is usually pretty diligent and crafty, but when Kira has a craft idea she loses interest before they actually get done. She gave Mitch a string and a bunch of beads one time and said she thought he might like a bracelet and he can make it himself if he really wants it. For my birthday last year Kira saw me opening presents from other people so she went in the yard and got a stick and quickly duct-taped a piece of gift tissue from another present to it and told me it was a birthday flag.

I like these peanut men. Especially the one on the right because he has a peg leg. The one in front is the only one with hands, and the one on the left only has one arm but he's okay with that. I can tell because he has a big smile on his face. Maybe it is a peanut-man amputee support group and the front guy is the group leader.


  1. How can you have a peg leg, when you other leg is also a peg leg?


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