Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad hair day

This morning, after looking at my hair in the mirror I decided that I need to use conditioner because it looks like a thin stack of hay on my head. I've been watching a lot of early episodes of Mary Tyler Moore and I am fascinated by her hair. It's long and thick and moves as one unit. Do you think she was wearing a hair piece? I bet she was. Each individual thin strand of my hair moves independently, totally disregarding all the other hairs, and gravity; like Medusa, but with strands of cotton candy instead of snakes.


  1. I'm so naive when it comes to wigs. Like, did you know BEYONCE wears wigs?

    Lies. It's all lies.

  2. I DID NOT know Beyonce wears wigs! Maybe that's what Ill ask for for gifts from now on. Hair. If I had a nice head of hair, all my problems would be solved.


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