Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kira and Me

Kira and I have had two days off of school because of the ice storm that never actually materialized. Sam goes to middle school in a different district and they didn't cancel school so, too bad Sam. I have been "working" (student teaching) so much lately that I haven't had a full dose of Kira's crazy for a while. I got a good dose the last two days. I missed her! She's such a nut!

First of all, we have spent every second together, I mean EVERY SECOND. When she gets up in the morning, she snuggles with me on the couch, and then yesterday and today, we went back to bed after Sam left and read books and then fell asleep. Then we got up and exercised together. I usually exercise after she goes to bed, but why exercise at night when I have the whole day, am I right? She didn't actually exercise as much as harass me. There is this one move about 3/4ths of the way into the impossibly hard workout I did today that is really tough. You have to be in a plee-ay (oh, how do you spell it, Frenchy?) position and then put your hands behind your head and then touch an elbow to a knee, and then go the other way and back and forth to the count of a million. While I was struggling through that, she snuck up behind me, wrapped her arms around my middle and said, "Flex harder! You're not flexing!" I also got countless slaps on the butt, and a LOT of criticism on my form (curious, coming from someone who has never actually seen the video before).

After that we (I) cleaned up the house and she chatted away to me about anything that popped into her head. Then we ate our lunch while watching movies; yesterday it was the Apple Dumpling Gang, and today it was Ice Age. Today we made banana bread and Jello (Kira's favorites). We also made dinner together, spaghetti. While we were eating, Kira told Sam that if he is ever a billionaire, she is going to kill him with a poison potato and take all his money. Oh, and she hasn't stopped humming all day long.

Right now the kids are watching Charlie Brown and Kira is cutting out Valentine's decorations. She made some paper people chains and then adapted the concept to make paper wiener dogs chains. Nothing says Valentine's Day like a long chain of wiener dogs! Oh, today she also played around on photobucket.com and made this picture of me. The speech bubble says, "I'm not crazy! Whose crazy!" and the thought bubble says, "Yes I am."

Sam made this picture of Kira on Photobucket.



  1. The Apple Dumpling Gang! Did she enjoy it?

  2. Kira looks like the "Scream" guy. Scarry!

  3. The "Scream" guy, or some horrific bee-creature from the Dungeon Dimensions, come to fertilize the world with her doom-pollen.

    *Really should ease off on caffeine*


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