Monday, February 23, 2009

Sam in hell

Yesterday was a great day for Sam: permission to have free reign on the snowmobile sitting out in the yard. Today was hell. He got an ear ache last night and was up most of the night because he was so uncomfortable and congested. I brought him to the clinic this morning and he has a sinus/ear/throat infection. He hates going to the doctor (who doesn't?) and the doc had to pick about a pound of ear wax out of him before she could get a good look. Sam is INCREDIBLY ticklish, even in his ears, so that was very unpleasant. For both Sam and the doctor. Plus he's getting to the age where everything is embarrassing and the doctor was very cute, she looked to be about 21, so that just made it more embarrassing. Then we came home and Sam stared longingly at the snowmobile sitting in the front yard, just begging him to ride it, and he couldn't because he was just too tired.


  1. What is with kids having sweet potatoes in their ears? You clean them out and it seems like they get orange again immediatly.

  2. So true! I think if I could somehow get all the wax out of Sam's ears, he would weigh at least a pound less. And why is it so orange?


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