Friday, February 20, 2009

Good mood and a baby bunny

I'm in such a good mood today! I think it's because I am done with student teaching and going to classes, and now I can spend all my time doing what I want, which will be working as much as possible because we are b-roke! I didn't think this "economy" would have much of an effect on us, but everyone is paranoid about not having money so nobody is paying Mitch for services rendered so, that blows, but I'm still in a good mood!

The picture is one of a baby bunny Kira found a few years back. She brought it in the house and I thought it was a mouse. I looked up baby bunnies on the internet and judging by the size, I guessed that this one was just a few days old. We fed it with a tiny bottle. There is kitten formula in the pet store that you can buy and that's what we gave it.

I had to feed him about every two hours and at the time I was working as a teacher at the county jail. I was in a quandary because the poor little fella needed to be fed and I was going to be at work for 8 hours. So I wore overalls and put him in the front pocket. The jail is maximum security and I had to go through a metal detector every time I went, and sometimes I had to get wanded with a super strong metal detector. But they didn't have rabbit detectors! He was fine there in my pocket, but I was so excited to have him with me and so exhilarated that I snuck him past security that about half way through the day I showed my boss, Robin, who tried to be a hardass about it, but couldn't stand her ground because the bunny was so darn cute! She found me a little cage that she had in her office (I don't think I'm the only one who snuck small animals into the jail) and then she said she'd feed him while I taught my class. When my class was over I went into her office and it was dark. She had shut the lights off so he could sleep and was just sitting there quietly in the dark. What a softy.

We kept Scat all summer and he got about as tame as a wild rabbit can get. We had a pen for him under a tree outside and one day he hopped out and we like to think that he is still around making tons more baby bunnies, but he had a habit of laying down flat when he got tired and sleeping HARD. He wouldn't startle when there was a noise or anything, so in reality, I think he probably got picked off within the first hour of being free, especially if he got tired and decided to take a nap.


  1. Scat! Here poop, heeeerrreeee poooooop! I want a bunny named after #2!

  2. Too cute. Good thing inmates didn't get their hands on him. Then poop would a been a good name for him.


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