Monday, February 23, 2009

Kira in the Car (Part V)

I picked Kira up from school today and when we got in the car she said, "If I was a monkey and I didn't have a tail, on Halloween I would walk around upside down, you know, on my hands. And in my feet, (which on a monkey are hands too, Mom) I would hold a mask where my head would be if I was standing normal."

That's what she was thinking about at school today. Her spelling test: not so hot, but at least she knows how she'd dress for Halloween if she was a monkey without a tail.


  1. She is really deep. Are you sure she isn't doing any drugs?

  2. I never thought to check her for acid! That would make sense though! I didn't find any in her room though,.... but what were all those stickers anyway?... hmmmm.


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